Cyrus Bunker is a deadbeat derelict who has managed to succeed at practically nothing. Now that his clunker of a life is more than halfway over, he has finally stopped trying or caring. This is his first book. Basically, it's a recycled script he wrote years ago that nobody wants to produce. He didn't even bother re-writing it in novel form. It's just the script, as-is, warts and all. Read at your own risk. (Oh and it's a coming of age story set in Atlanta, Georgia back in the late 1980s.)

Raise your fist in laziness and dig the Big Lebowski Don't miss Carisa Danielle's deep, humorous look at the cultural phenomenon and way of life we all know and love: "Way back in the '90s there was this I wanna tell you about. Movie by the name of the Big Lebowski. There was a lot about the Big Lebowski that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And a lot about its place in film history, likewise. But then again, maybe that's why I found the movie so darned interesting…"

Are you fascinated by the deep, unanswered questions lingering in the storylines of Doctor Who? Have you read every other book on the subject and yet still find yourself yearning for more? Join longtime enthusiast Lynn Hamilton on a journey through some of the more subtle undercurrents and intriguing mysteries of the Dr. Who universe.